A Secret Courage by Tricia Goyer

This book kept me on my toes. There was a bit of romance , spies and suspense. I think it would be so hard to not be able to tell anyone about what you are doing during the war. I could never be a spy. I have a lot of respect for Emma and Will. How can one begin a relationship when you can’t tell anyone the whole truth. I loved how this story went from beginning to end. There were a few twists and turns. I received this book from the author for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.  

Give this five of five stars.

Duty brought them together. Will secrets destroy their love? American Emma Hanson came to England to study at Oxford, but joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force at the height of World War II. She is stationed at beautiful and historic Danesfield House west of London as part of the highly secretive Photographic Reconnaissance Unit. Englishman Will Fleming is a handsome young artist who has been commissioned by the British government to record the changing landscape in paintings. His path intersects with Emma’s when his real mission – tracking Nazi spies – leads him to Danesfield House, the target of a sinister plot. Emma and Will become friends, but neither can reveal the true nature of their assignment. Can their relationship grow amid such secrecy? And can Will save Danesfield House–and Emma and her coworkers – before it’s too late?

Baggage Claim by Cathe Swanson with a giveaway

I loved this book. I could not put this book down. I loved Ben and his four children. He was so lucky to have Mrs. Cooper for a nanny. Ben’s parents wish that he would grow up a bit but they keep helping him out. Mrs. Cooper( Theresa) also keeps helping him out of jams. Ben was adopted and is trying to find his birth parents. This story gas laughs and tears. Ben gets in some jams and there is a bit of suspense. I am looking forward to reading many more books by Cathe Swanson. I received this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

About the Book

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Book: Baggage Claim
Author: Cathe Swanson
Genre: Christian Suspense/Romance
Release Date: February 14, 2017
There had to be at least one healthy branch on his family tree…
Who can he trust?
Ben Taylor, widower and father of four lively children, enjoys his easy, uncomplicated life. He likes his work and has a competent nanny to manage his household. Everything is good until he decides to seek out his biological parents and discovers a family tree with tangled roots and broken branches.
His comfortable life crumbles when he gets caught up in a criminal network of fraud and conspiracy at his new job. When Ben is forced into a dangerous alliance, he scrambles to find a safe situation and protection for his children before setting out to clear his name—all without getting himself killed in the process.
A nanny with a past…
Becoming a nanny was the perfect solution when Teresa Cooper needed a place to hide ten years ago, but now that she’s no longer in danger, she’s ready to move on and make a new life for herself. When Ben asks her to take the children to an unknown relative in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, she finds herself in hiding again, this time with four children in tow.
As the children explore the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula, Teresa begins to wonder about God’s plan for her future. Who is this stranger Ben trusts with his children? Why here? Can a city-bred nanny find joy in this wild corner of God’s creation?
About the Author
catheimageCathe Swanson lives in Wisconsin with her husband of 32 years. They enjoy spending time with their family and being outdoors, kayaking, hiking, birdwatching and fishing, but summer is short in Wisconsin, so it’s important to have indoor hobbies, too. Cathe has been a quilter and teacher of quiltmaking for over 25 years, and she enjoys just about any kind of creative work, especially those involving fiber or paper. She enjoys writing stories with eccentric characters of all ages. Her books will make you laugh and make you cry – and then make you laugh again.
Guest Post from Cathe Swanson
When I was in high school, I thought I might like to become an occupational therapist. Instead, I got married, had babies, raised the children and launched them into the world. I took a few years to regroup, and then I started thinking about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.
Shortly after that, my dad had a stroke, and when he came home from the hospital, I was fascinated by the work of the visiting therapists. I did some research and learned that physical and occupational therapy assistants make pretty good money and are able to do the best part of the job – the therapy. Therapists are often bogged down in paperwork and periodic assessments. The assistant has all the fun, and it’s just a 5-semester program.
So I trotted on down to the local community college and asked what I had to do to get signed up. The counsellor talked for a while about prerequisites, petitions, waiting lists, internships, and other such things. Eventually I realized she was trying to tell me that I was too old to embark on this career. Too taken-aback to be offended, I went home and wrote a book about it instead. After all, I’d invested a lot of time in research.
I’d been writing stories for years, and already had the bones of Baggage Claim. Once I gave my young hero a job as a physical therapy assistant, the story took on life. My mother’s interest in genealogy had sparked a question: What if a nice, normal person wanted to track down their biological family and it blew up in their face? So that’s where I sent my hero, and as one of my reviewers said, “It was not a Hallmark moment.”
I’m very happy as an author and have no real interest in becoming an occupational therapist. Indeed, that rejection was a turning point for me. I could have pushed forward and got that degree, but instead I went home and wrote. I have no regrets.
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Home by Ginny L. Yttrup 

This is the type of book that you aren’t sure whether you will like or not but I loved this. It is a story of two couples that are struggling in their marriages with different types of problems. They learn what home really is. I loved Melanie and Craig and Jill and Marcos. Through a few trials they learn why they are struggling. I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

Melanie runs away. From conflict. From pain. From reality. When novelist Melanie Vander faces a looming deadline, she decides it’s time for an escape to an inspiring, novel-worthy locale. She’s not running away. Really. She just needs time to focus. But as she disappears into her writing, she encounters a man whose tenderness leaves her reeling. Engaging and wise, psychologist Elliot Hammond tempts Melanie to question everything, including her marriage. But that’s ridiculous. Dr. Hammond isn’t even…real. Melanie’s husband, Craig, has his own problems, including a recession that’s threatening his business. Waning finances, a looming home foreclosure, and a wife who’s checked out emotionally, has Craig feeling as though he’s carrying his burdens alone. When his client, the beautiful and single Serena Buchanan, offers him a solution to his financial woes, he’s tempted by more than her offer of a business solution. At a crossroads, Melanie and Craig seem headed in opposite directions. As Melanie runs away from her problems by escaping into her own fictional world, Craig dives into his struggles, seeking God for strength and healing for his marriage. Ultimately, Melanie must choose whether she’ll check out completely, or allow her characters to lead her home.

Deep Extraction by DiAnn Mills with a giveaway

This is a wonderful book full of Christian suspense and romance. There were many twists and turns. I did not want to put this book down. Tori and Cole and Max and Sally learn many things during this investigation. They must all learn to have some faith and how to tolerate what they learn about a loved one. I hope there are many more books in the FBI Task Force series. I received a copy of this book from Tyndale blog network for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

 I give this book a five of five stars.  

https://youtu.be/o-0h2iT3pQg. This is a link for the book trailer.
A pacemaker should have saved oil and gas magnate Nathan Moore’s life. Instead, it provided his killer with a seemingly perfect means of execution.
A bombing at one of Nathan’s oil rigs days earlier indicates his death could be part of a bigger conspiracy, a web Special Agent Tori Templeton must untangle. But her first order of business is separating the personal from the professional–the victim’s wife, her best friend, is one of the FBI’s prime suspects.
Clearing Sally’s name may be the biggest challenge of her career, but Tori finds an unexpected ally in the newest member of the task force, recently reinstated Deputy US Marshal Cole Jeffers. As Tori and Cole dig deeper into Nathan’s personal and business affairs, they uncover more than they bargained for. And the closer they get to finding the real killer–and to each other–the more intent someone is on silencing them for good.

A Lady in Disguise by Sandra Byrd

Really enjoyed this wonderful story. Love the gothic angle. Gillian must find out if her father was a police officer on the take or did someone murder him to stop him from finding out who the bad guys were. Love Gillian and Thomas. They interact wonderfully together. I did not want to stop reading to go to work or bed. I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest opinion that I have given of my own free will.

After the mysterious death of her father, Miss Gillian Young takes a new job as the principal costume designer at the renowned Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. But while she remembers her father as a kind, well-respected man of the police force, clues she uncovers indicate he d been living a double life: a haunting photograph of a young woman; train stubs for secret trips just before his death; and a receipt for a large sum of money. Are these items evidence of her father s guilty secrets? His longtime police partner thinks so.”

Murder For The Time Being by Joanie Bruce

I really enjoyed this story. I did not want to put this book down. I loved Lexi and Drew. They both have pasts to overcome and figure out. Lexi does not know if this tragedy has anything to do with what her parents had gone through many years ago. Loved the intrigue and romance. I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review that I gave of my own free will.

“You ll pay for this. I ll get you both.”

Computer expert Lexi Wynn is frightened. Someone is after her, but she doesn t know why. Is it because of her past or because she was thrust into a deadly bank robbery and might identify the ones responsible? Escaping a failed kidnapping attempt and not sure who to trust, she hopes her specialized skills with computers might flush out the name of the killer. When a tall, dark, and handsome stranger rams into her truck with the hearse he’s driving and puts his life in danger to save hers, can she ignore the attraction she feels for him to concentrate on the killers? Or is God the only one who can save her now?
Drew Sheffield is irritated when a cute lady stops abruptly in front of him and he plows into the back of her pickup. After their initial confrontation, flashbacks of honeysuckle and sassy green eyes linger in his thoughts. When Lexi is threatened, he steps in to help the feisty young woman, in spite of agonizing over a past relationship.
Can Lexi and Drew forget the tragedies of the past and embrace the feelings between them or will ghostly memories snub out the promise of a future together?

Last Night with the Duke by Amelia Grey

This is a fun first book in this new series. I loved Esmeralda and Griffin. Esmeralda is outspoken and this Duke seems to like this. The duke needs to learn that he has done things wrong in his life. I enjoyed the characters in this book a lot. I looked forward to the next book in this series. I received a copy of this book the publisher for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

better.dz —New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin

“A fun and absorbing read.”—Kirkus Reviews on Wedding
Night with the Earl

DzThe Duke In My Bed is Amelia Grey at her best: witty,

delightful, and sensuous! This story has heart-stealing

characters that will stay with you long after the last page.dz —
Joan Johnston, New York Times bestseller of Montana Bride
DzSweet, gentle…lovely romance.dz —RT Book Reviews on The
Earl Claims a Bride

Dz[A] very charming story.dz —BookPage on The Earl Claims a

“A touching and emotional love story.”—RT Book Reviews on
Wedding Night with the Earl


Amelia Grey

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Amelia Grey is back with the first installment of
her new Rakes of St. James series: LAST NIGHT WITH THE DUKE (St. Martin’s Paperbacks;

March 7, 2017; $7.99; 978-1-250-10249-2)! Enthralling and enticing, Grey weaves together the
seductive story of a naughty Duke and the enchanting woman he falls for.

Could finding love be his greatest scandal of all?

The Duke of Griffin has never lived down his reputation as one of the Rakes of St. James. Now

rumors are swirling around London that his twin sisters may bear the brunt of his past follies.

Hiring a competent chaperone is the only thing Griffin has on his mind–until he meets the lovely 

and intriguing Miss Esmeralda Swift. In ways he could never have expected, she arouses more than
just his curiosity.

Esmeralda Swift considered herself too sensible to ever fall for a scoundrel, but that was before she
met the irresistibly seductive Duke of Griffin. His employment offer proves too tempting for her to

resist. She can’t afford to be distracted by his devilish charms because the stakes are so high for his

sisters’ debut Season. . .unless one of London’s most notorious rakes has had a change of heart and

is ready to make Esmeralda his bride.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Amelia Grey read her

first romance book when she was thirteen and she’s been a devoted reader of love stories ever

since. Her awards include the Booksellers Best, Aspen Gold, and the Golden Quill. Writing as Gloria

Dale Skinner, she won the coveted Romantic Times Award for Love and Laughter and the

prestigious Maggie Award. Her books have sold to many countries in Europe, Indonesia, Turkey,

Russia, and most recently to Japan. Several of her books have also been featured in Doubleday and

Rhapsody Book Clubs. Amelia is the author of twenty-five books. She’s been happily married to her
high school sweetheart for over thirty-five years and she lives on the beautiful gulf coast of

Northwest Florida. Her first book with St. Martin’s was The Duke in My Bed.


Twitter: @SMPRomance

Facebook: @SMPRomance



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmeliaGreyBooks