A Hear’s Rebellion by Ruth Axtell

I really enjoyed this story. It was so easy to like Jessamine and Lancelot. We knew they were perfect for each other way before they knew it. It was a great story and did not get boring. Look forward to many more by this author. I received this from the book club network for a fair and honest opinion.


What Has Become Of You by Jan Elizabeth Watson

This was a spooky tale. It made you think about whether you would want to be a teacher because of what can happen to you if you try to help one of your students. This kept going back and forth as to who you thought might be the killer. Loved all the twists and turns. Look forward to reading more books by this author. I received this book from first to read for a fair and honest opinion.

Falling into Place: A Memoir of Overcoming by Hattie Kauffman

I enjoyed this story. I don’t normally read too much nonfiction but was asked if I would review this by Smith Publicity, Inc. and am glad I did. Reading about what she went through as a child and then with her divorc was enlightening. It was very sad. It is surprising how well some people turn out even with a trying childhood. I am glad she was able to get through all of her troubles.

A Shining Light by Judith Miller

This made a fantastic read. I really enjoyed reading about west Amana. I lived in main Amana for about 6 months after I was first married. It was always an interesting place.
This story is about Andrea and her son Lukas who live in the projects of Boston while the father travels the ocean. They are told he has died so they travel back to Iowa to see if her father will take them back.
Instead , they find him dead and move to west Amana where they can work and live until they can decide what to do.
They meet Dirk and he helps them to live again. Then, bad things happen and she needs to learn to trust in God. I really enjoyed this. I received this from Bethany House for a fair and honest review.