Three Paws and the Secret Cave by Karen Struck

This is a sweet tale about how death comes to us all. This shows a grandparent that has been ill and who wants to die in peace. The grandchild and his many friends want to show how much they love the grandparent. I love the illustrations and the story is very emotional. I recommend reading at least one of the other books in this series so you know better who each of the animals are. I feel that young children will enjoy this story. I received a copy of this book from Smith Publicity for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

I give this children’s book a five out of five stars.


Boots and friends have enjoyed many fun adventures during the past two years. Now they are faced with an inevitable part of life. Cappy, the elderly mountaingoat, is nearing the end of his physical journey. Granddaughter, Scarlet, is veryclose to her grandfather. When Cappy leaves the goat herd, without anexplanation, Scarlet is frantic to uncover the mystery behind his disappearance.Young Scarlet leads her wilderness friends in a “celebration of life” as she and her friends honor her beloved grandfather. Join Scarlet, Boots, Chinook, Sockeye,Pepe, Cyrus and Blizzard as they trek along the rugged mountaintop in search of Cappy and the secret cave

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