Chasing Cleopatra by Tina Sloan

This is a very interesting book. It is written in the first person. Each chapter is a different character telling some of the tale from their perspective. I am not overly fond of this style but it works great for this book. I liked the characters. I even liked ones that end up being bad. I like the romance parts a little and really like the suspense. I received a copy of this book from Smith Publicity for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

Cleopatra “Cleo” Gallier, is a gorgeous local TV host in her mid-40s, who is no longer afraid to go after what she wants. This leads to a fast-paced and intimate affair with the much-younger Jake Regan. Jake and his family are staying on the same Hawaiian island for the holidays where Cleo lives, and she soon finds herself entangled with the whole family in order to stay close to Jake—including Jake’s controlling and adoring mother Miranda, his naïve and charming girlfriend Julia who is anxiously awaiting an engagement ring, and the mysterious Tripp, Jake’s father, whose work as a CIA agent could put his whole family in jeopardy.

Little do the Regans know, Cleo is the perfect asset to help keep them safe. A secretly-trained Krav Maga fighter, she gets pulled into joining Tripp’s classified CIA mission that, if blown, could cause a national tragedy on Christmas Day. As tensions flare between Cleopatra and the Regans, secrets are exposed that will not only test their trust in one another but will reveal what it truly means to love with its heart-racing and heart-stopping twists and turns. Sloan’s scandalous and suspenseful writing style, mimicked from her days starring on the soap opera Guiding Light, makes Chasing Cleopatra a must-have for book clubs as the guilty-pleasure read of the season

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