Up a Creek: a Holly Hollywood Mystery by Linda Rockstroh

This is a fantastic first children’s book by a new author. Holly is a 10 year old who moves with her parents to a small town in Indiana from Hollywood, California. Holly wants to be a movie director and film movies. She makes new friends and films everything and finds many adventures to keep her very busy. I loved the characters and the action. I look forward to reading many more books in this series and by this author.

I give this book a five out of five stars.

“Up A Creek”: A Holly Hollywood Film Adventure” is great for kids 8 to 12 who like mystery adventures and/or want to learn a little something about filmmaking. Fans of “Ramona” or “Rebekah Girl Detective” will enjoy the humorous capers of 10-year-old filmmaker Holly “Hollywood” Stone when she and her parents move from Hollywood to a small Midwestern town. Her first movie-making attempt in her new town exposes her and the new friends in her secret club to trouble and possible danger as they follow an unusual mysterious stranger who is spying on them and sneaking around their town doing weird things. Is he a Killer Spy? Her parents are pretty patient, but just how much can they take? 

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