Not a Word by Chautona Havig

This was a hard book for me to read. I hated what Savvy pulled on Mac to make herself feel better. Mac did some no no’s himself but he did not deserve what he was put through. I liked how the book ended and almost liked Savvy towards the end. I received a copy of this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

I gave this a four out of five stars.

I’m saying that I’m not going to trash someone else’s reputation in a futile attempt to restore mine. Everyone would believe her. Why shouldn’t they? It’s probably the only lie she’s ever told in her life. Just happens to be the lie that ruined mine.

Words have power. Add a solid reputation behind those words, and they have the power to destroy.

It began with a lie.

Mac’s life changed irrevocably with a false accusation. Blissfully unaware of the carnage she left behind when she moved from Brant’s Corners, Savannah Forrester is back and when Mac sees her at church-with a boy-he wants answers.

For eight years he’s lived under the cloud of her accusations-without defending himself. He kept her secret. He endured the shame and the life-altering consequences.

Savannah can set the record straight. Mac says no. The ultimate question remains: what is best for Rory.

And who is Rory anyway?

2 thoughts on “Not a Word by Chautona Havig

  1. That is exactly what I wanted people to feel. I think we SHOULD hate what she did–be sickened by it. It’s a horrible thing to do, and yet I’ve seen similar things happen in the church over the years. I wanted to show that one very horrible thing doesn’t change who someone is… and yet it does.

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