Mythos Christos by Edwin Herbert

This book makes you think. Lex is an archaeological student that can solve many puzzles and is hired to help solve puzzles that were left by someone from the fifth century that lead to what the Church might not like. He is aided by others that he is not sure if he can trust or not. This treasure hunt leads to many twists and turns. Can these scrolls if found lead to some people not believing that Jesus Christ was ever born. As I said before this makes you think. I received this book from Smith Publicity for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

Philosophy & Society

Alexandria, Egypt / AD 391 – When the great temple of Serapis and its library annex are destroyed by the Christian mob, the Neoplatonist philosopher Hypatia becomes concerned the Great Library might suffer the same fate. She vows to save as much of the ancient knowledge as she can, especially certain telling documents concerning the origins of Christianity. But rather than merely hiding the heretical scrolls and codices in desert caves and hoping for the best, Hypatia contrives a far more ingenious plan. She sets up an elaborate sequence of burials, each of which is governed by actual ancient linguistic and geometrical riddles which must be solved to gain access. Only one steeped in Platonic mysticism would be capable of finding and unlocking the buried secrets. Oxford, England / June, 2006 – American Rhodes scholar Lex Thomasson is sent to Alexandria to aid a mysterious Vatican group known only as The Commission. They require a specialist in ancient languages to solve a sequence of Greek Mystery puzzles in what soon becomes evident is Hypatia s ancient treasure hunt. The Oxford paleographer demonstrates his unique talents by unlocking the secrets along the trail. It does not take long, however, for him to become suspicious of the Commission s true motives, and the trail becomes a trial fraught with danger. The scene alternates between the two time periods. In both, assassins lurk and fanatics abound. And all along, religious Faith and historical Truth struggle for supremacy.”


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