Justice by Another Name by E. C. Hanes

I did not want to put this book down. There were so many characters that you liked and some you disliked but it was hard to really decide at times who was good and who bad. Will Moser is a deputy and friend of Lana Reavis whose husband dies under suspicious circumstances and then a year later her son dies during a flood. Are these two things related? Will starts to look into this possibility. This draws him into some big twists and turns. Can this be solved or are there too many important people involved in the town? I received this book from Smith Publicity for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.  

Set against the backdrop of North Carolina s powerful hog-producing industry, Justice by Another Name tells the story of Paul Reavis s suspicious workplace death followed a year later by a senseless death of his young son Paulie. Lana Reavis, who believes her husband was murdered and her son the victim of deliberate negligence, enlists the aid of her long-ago boyfriend, Will Moser, who is currently chief deputy of Hogg County and the heir apparent to the local sheriff.
As Will s investigation unfolds, suspicious activities and cover-ups begin to emerge. All evidence points to Oris Martin, the powerful owner of Martin Farms, a huge hog-production enterprise and Hogg County s largest employer, as the mastermind. Despite political pressure and physical threats to look the other way, Will continues his search for what really happened. Meanwhile, Lana, convinced that Oris will be beyond the reach of justice, devises a plan to avenge her family and destroy everything precious to Oris Martin.


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