Life After by Katie Ganshert

The first thing I want to say about this book is WOW. I loved it. I did not want to put this down because I had to finish. This really does show the different feelings people go through after a severe trauma. My favorite quote was “Wasn’t it enough that death could snatch away life so quickly? Did it really have to do so without warning? Without any rhyme or reason? A thoughtless, avaricious grab at whoever happened to be standing in the way?” That to me says a lot. I received this book from Katie Ganshert for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

Gave it a five out of five stars.

 It could have been me.

     Snow whirls around an elevated train platform in Chicago. A distracted woman boards the train, takes her seat, and moments later a fiery explosion rips through the frigid air, tearing the car apart in a horrific attack on the city’s transit system. One life is spared. Twenty-two are lost.

     A year later, Autumn Manning can’t remember the day of the bombing and she is tormented by grief—by guilt. Twelve months of the question constantly echoing. Why? Why? Why? Searching for answers, she haunts the lives of the victims, unable to rest. 

     Paul Elliott lost his wife in the train bombing and wants to let the dead rest in peace, undisturbed and unable to cause more pain for his loved ones. He wants normalcy for his twelve year-old daughter and young son, to see them move beyond the heartbreak. But when the Elliotts and Autumn are unexpectedly forced together, he fears she’ll bring more wreckage in her wake.  

     In Life After, Katie Ganshert’s most complex and unforgettable novel yet, the stirring prose and authentic characters pose questions of truth, goodness, and ultimate purpose in this emotionally resonant tale.


2 thoughts on “Life After by Katie Ganshert

  1. Excellent review. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a good choice when you know you’re going to have time to read it in peace! (not on lunch hours at work!)

  2. Do you read nonfiction very often?

    I really enjoy it because it allows me to learn the lessons that successful people learned the hard way, from the comfort of where ever I might be reading.

    If you are interested in the nonfiction I have been reading, or if you want to know what the benefits are from reading this genre in specific, please stop by my page. I post book reviews over biographies, classics, and inspiring nonfiction.

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