Hugo and Friends by Philip Schwartz and illustrated by Denis Proulx

I usually am not too interested in poetry but this children’s book was well done. I loved the illustrations and the poems that went with each picture. Hugo and his friends all are well drawn. The poems told a small story through the book. I received a copy of this book from Smith publicity and gave a review with my own opinions.Hugo and Friends follows Hugo the Hippo and his friends as they travel the world together, seeing all of the wonders Mother Nature has to offer. From exploring a wonderland filled with chocolate to soaring high through the sky, Hugo and his friends learn more about their world and the beauty nature has to offer throughout their adventures together.
Schwartz has long loved to write poetry and stories, but was inspired to share his work five years ago by his wife, Virginia. Together, they have worked to bring illustrated poetry to the young and the young at heart while spreading awareness of our environmental impact.  
“The book was inspired after many years of writing and caring about our animal friends and the beauty of our planet,” Schwartz explains. “Family is an important source of inspiration, as they see a dream come true in smiling Hugo.”
An opportunity for children everywhere to learn the importance of respecting nature and our animal friends, Hugo and Friends explores:
· Why the continued protection and care of our animal population is of the utmost importance.

· Why it is important to teach children at an early age of the importance of preserving our environment.

· That we should care about the welfare of our future generations and take action to help them before it’s too late.

· Why it’s important to stay young at heart and how his poetry-inspired creations can help people of all ages do just that.


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