Peach Blossom Rancher by Ada Brownell

I really enjoyed this second book in the Peaches and Dreams series. I found this author through and really enjoy her western historical. This book has many characters within the book and a few different storylines. They are both well done and all the characters work well together. This is a fun series and I hope there will be many more by this author. I received an ebook copy from and I gave a review of my own free will.  

A handsome young man inherits a ranch in ruin and a brilliant doctor finds himself confined to an insane asylum because of one seizure. Yet their lives intersect. Will they achieve their dreams? John Lincoln Parks has two goals: Restore the Colorado peach and horse ranch to its former glory, and marry elegant Valerie MacDougal, a young widow and law school graduate. A stranger about to give birth in his barn, a murderer on the loose, a feisty female neighbor who thinks she’s in love with him, a sheriff, and a determined attorney interrupt his intentions. At the same time, Dr. Dillon Haskill desperately hopes for release from the asylum for the insane, and he wants to take with him Pete, a ten-year-old victim of Down’s Syndrome, and Jim Cook, a teacher, paralyzed in a logging accident. But asylum dignitaries believe these patients are either lunatics or demon possessed. An intriguing story wrapped around inspiration, suspense, humor, and characters you’ll love.


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