The Hawaiian Quilt by Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter

Wonderful Amish Romance.  This book made me laugh and cry. Mandy and her Amish friends were very brave to decide to take a cruise to Hawaii before they joined the church. Gideon who is Mandy’s boyfriend is not happy to be apart from Mandy for the weeks she will be gone. Soon Mandy and her friend, Ellen, go to shore and miss the cruise ship. They are very scared. I would have been terrified. Luckily they are directed to a bed and breakfast run by friendly owners. They learn many lessons while they are marooned on the Hawaiian island. Mandy also meets another boy that she gets a crush on. She must decide if she wishes to remain Amish or to stay in Hawaii. I received this book from the author and have given a review with no obligation.

Literary Fiction

“New York Times best-selling author Wanda E. Brunstetter and her daughter-in-law, Jean, take listeners to Hawaii on an Amish woman sadventure of a lifetime.” Mandy Frey has always longed to see Hawaii, so before joining the Amish church andconsidering marriage to her boyfriend, Gideon, sheconvinces three friends to join her on a cruise of theHawaiian Islands. Captured by the enchanting scenery and culture in Hawaii, their vacation turns into an extendedstay. Special friendships are soon made, buthome, family, and Gideon await Mandy back in Indiana.Will time away from the Amish community change Mandy s view of the world, herfaith, and truelove? Does a Hawaiian quilt have the power to bring two hearts together?”


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