Spiced Latte Killer by Summer Prescott

This is my first chance to read a book in this series and I hope to read many more. I loved the characters and was able to keep up with any old story lines. I hope I have a chance to read some of these other books in the series. These are wonderful characters. I received a copy of the ebook from Summer Prescott for a fair and honest opinion.
Sweet new beginnings and heart-wrenching endings abound in this thrilling new installment of the INNcredibly Sweet Series. Chas finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation, and one of the main suspects is Grayson’s mother, Petaluma, which throws a huge wrench in the wedding plans. A wide web of intrigue forms as clues pile up, but bring no clarity to the case. Meanwhile, Spencer sets out to answer a dangerous distress call that may end in tragedy for one of the gang, and Izzy comes to terms with her feelings for the Marine. This suspense-filled mystery will take the reader on a roller-coaster ride filled with sadness and joy.

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