Order of Succession by Bill Thompson

 This is my first book that I read in this series but it will not be the last. I loved Brian Sadler and his fiancé Nicole. This had many twists and turns. It showed what can happen if many of the top leaders disappear at once. Can our country survive if this occurs? We Americans are strong people. I received this book from Smith publicity for a fair and honest opinion.

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Getting Away with Murder of Presidential Proportions



​The current political climate certainly leaves much to be desired; as the campaigns for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to grow more heated and controversial, voters may begin to wonder if there are any decent, upstanding politicians left.  

​This question is explored in critically acclaimed new novel, Order of Succession: Getting Away with Murder, the fifth of the Brian Sadler Archaeological Mystery series by award-winning writer Bill Thompson. In this thrilling continuation, Order of Succession bravely tackles some of the country’s greatest fears.

​Air Force Two, with the vice president aboard, has dropped from radar. Then President Harry Harrison and others also go missing when Air Force One vanishes. The nation’s at DEFCON 1, and despicable Speaker of the House Chambliss T. Parkes becomes the new acting president.

After wreckage from Air Force One is found, Parkes declares the passengers from both aircraft dead from a presumed terrorist strike. The late president’s father, a former senator, asks TV personality and antiquities dealer Brian Sadler, who knew the president well, to help find out what happened to the planes. Sadler agrees to perform a simple task for the CIA in London, where he meets up with Amina “Amy” Hassan, who’s on a CIA watch list along with her billionaire father, Amin.

The situation is dire back in America, as Parkes barely acknowledges the Falcons of Islam, who claimed responsibility for the attack and say that they have sleeper agents in the United States. But the CIA fears that Sadler and his attorney fiancee, Nicole Farber, may be in more imminent danger, as Amin sent a killer to follow Sadler back to Dallas.  

Sadler learns of the top-secret Operation Condor and is used by the CIA for his expertise and popularity, and later as bait. The bad guys’ plan, as well as the good guys’ strategy to fight back, feature varying motives and inevitable double crosses.

​Filled with action and adventure, Order of Succession meets a need for a subset of thriller and mystery novels no longer as prevalent in newly released novels, yet still beloved by new and old readers alike.

​”There’s not a lot of archaeological fiction – Indiana Jones-type material – out there,” Thompson explains. “Most of what I have seen borders on science fiction. The Brian Sadler Archaeological Mystery books are more thriller-mysteries than out-of-this-world stories.”

​With heart pounding action that will leave readers begging for book six, themes explored by Order of Succession include:

• The dangers of a man with crude, vulgar, capitalistic and criminal qualities becoming President of the United States

• The significance of archaeology and ancient sites, as well as the history behind them

• Exploring the critical question: would an elected official of today sacrifice personal ambitions for the good of the country?  

• How easily a backer of terrorism could theoretically take control of a major U.S. corporation and the potential fallout if such a situation were to occur


Bill Thompson became a corporate entrepreneur early when at age 12, he started a company that bought and sold coins. By age 25 he had founded an insurance agency that became one of the largest in Oklahoma. Expanding and adding to that firm, Thompson created a financial services holding company that operated in several states plus Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and England. He later sold his interests and joined his son as an executive in a computer memory manufacturing and distribution company, which by 1995 had grown to be in the top ten nationally by sales.


When that company sold, he decided to pursue a lifelong passion—writing archaeological thrillers. His burning interest in ancient sites, mysteries of the past, unexplained things in the jungle and stories of adventure in remote places drove him to frequent trips around the world. He has visited numerous historically significant sites, including Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Avebury, Egypt, Petra and many ancient Olmec, Aztec and Maya cities in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.


For more information, please visit http://www.billthompsonbooks.com, and connect with Thompson through Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.


Order of Succession can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


2 thoughts on “Order of Succession by Bill Thompson

  1. i knew has soon as I read the blurb on Bill Thompson’s book that I would enjoy it, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. It really is a entertaining story, and is well worth a read. My review:

    Wow, this book really impressed me. You can tell straight away that the Author has a talent for writing. This was such an easy and enjoyable book to read. Losing the Vice President of the USA in a lost plane is an absolute tragedy. However, losing the President 30 minutes later in Airforce One puts a very sinister spin on things. One plane down could be an accident, however two planes missing with a couple of the world’s most powerful men can’t be a coincidence. It’s not just America that feels the shock of their loss, and the world financial markets go into melt down. The Speaker of the House being third in succession takes over the presidency. Cham Parkes isn’t at all upset that he has been thrust into the top job, and his first order of business is top put the country into Defcon 1. However, 24 hours later he puts the country back to Defcon 3, as it’s his way of getting everything back under control. Problem is he’s just a bit too confident that they are no longer under attack. The power has definitely gone to his head and he isn’t making any friends with his brash and abusive style. If you enjoy thrillers that are full of suspense, action and a very clever plot, then you will certainly enjoy this book.

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