Slave Queen by H. B. Moore

This had to be my favorite book in this series so far. I am really looking forward to many more. I love how two stories are woven together so well. I love Omar and Mia but I also loved Leyla and Naim also. Then there was the story of Roxelane, that was so good. Both stories blend so well together. I received an ebook copy from I am a reader for a fair and honest opinion.
Special Agent Omar Zagouri s latest case is his most dangerous and his most personal yet. The discovery of secret sixteenth-century letters unveils a plot between the sultan Suleyman and his chief wife, Roxelane, to change the course of the Ottoman Empire. A descendent of Roxelane, Zagouri learns he has an enemy whose revenge has been centuries in the making.Targeted by an antiquities collector who s also descended from a chief rival for the ancient throne, Zagouri soon uncovers a modern-day conspiracy that threatens the lives of his family and the security of a nation.To expose the plot, Zagouri must team up with Naim, the son of his nemesis, who heads an international black-market operation that may have ties to the killings. From ancient Constantinople to the present-day Middle East, Zagouri is on a collision course with history. Time is running out to solve a royal mystery and stop a ruthless killer one who has Zagouri s name on his hit list.”


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