The Darkness Knows by Cheryl Honigford with a giveaway

I loved this quick and light historical mystery. I loved how it took place in a radio station. That was fun to learn more about some of the stars that began in radio. I look forward to learning more about Viv and Charlie in more stories. They were so good together. It was sad to see Viv falling for the slimy actor and she had to learn there is more than just acting. This has a great mystery and is fun and light hearted. I received this from Sourcebook for a fair and honest opinion.
One commenter will win a copy of this book.  Tell me what book you are reading now and leave contact info.  I will pick a winner on September 28.

About the Book: It’s October 1938, and radio is king. Vivian Witchell is determined to be a star, and with her new role in the popular detective serial, The Darkness Knows, everything she’s dreamed of is finally within her grasp. Until the night she steps into the employee lounge and stumbles upon the body of the station’s biggest, and most reviled, actress. Clutched in the dead woman’s hand is a threatening letter that targets Viv as the next victim. Suddenly, Viv’s biggest worry isn’t remembering her lines, it’s staying alive. Since the police investigation seems to be going nowhere, she hires private detective Charlie Haverman to protect her and help her find the killer. Viv finds herself immediately drawn to the danger and excitement of detective work, not to mention the charismatic detective himself. But is he totally trustworthy? Turns out he’s been keeping an explosive secret that could mean curtains for both of them…


About the Author: Cheryl Honigford has always loved old-time radio (and classic movies) and claims to have the nagging suspicion that she was born at least fifty years too late. She has a degree in journalism from Ohio State University and lives in northern Illinois.


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