Time of Fog and Fire by Rhys Bowen

I really enjoyed this Molly Murphy mystery. This was one of my favorite books in this series. This one glad all my favorite characters and it made me laugh and cry. I hope to see many more in this series.

In the next in Bowen’s bestselling mystery series, Molly Murphy Sullivan rushes to San Francisco after learning that her husband, deep undercover on a secret assignment, is in grave danger. Molly Murphy Sullivan’s husband Daniel, a police captain in turn-of-the-century New York City, is in a precarious position. The new police commissioner wants him off the force altogether. So when Daniel s offered an assignment from John Wilkie, head of the secret service, he s eager to accept. Molly can t draw any details of the assignment out of him, even where he ll be working. But when she spots him in San Francisco during a movie news segment, she starts to wonder if he s in even more danger than she had first believed. And then she receives a strange and cryptic letter from him, leading her to conclude that he wants her to join him in San Francisco. Molly knows that if Daniel s turning to her rather than John Wilkie or his contacts in the police force, something must have gone terribly wrong. What can she do for him that the police can t? Especially when she doesn t even know what his assignment is? Embarking on a cross-country journey with her young son, Molly can t fathom what s in store for her, but she knows it might be dangerous in fact, it might put all of their lives at risk.”

RHYS BOWEN is the author of the Anthony and Agatha Award-winning Molly Murphy mysteries, the Edgar Award-nominated Evan Evans series, and the Royal Spyness series. Born in England, she lives in San Rafael, California.

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