Manquest by Mike McCormick

This was an interesting nonfiction book. I liked many of the ideas that they use to bring teenage boys to adulthood. The idea of the father and son going on a retreat together is very interesting. I received this ebook from for a fair and honest opinion.
In today’s society, when does a boy become a man? More importantly, who’s going to teach them how? Man Quest is a step-by-step approach to transforming boys into men of courage, honor and integrity. With biblical wisdom and practical advice, Mike McCormick has capture six essential Guideposts designed to bring fathers and sons together on a life-changing spiritual quest. Dads (or mentors) and boys work together through interactive questions, movie nights, and creative activities…concluding with Rugged Truths Every Man Must Know – a dose of tough love that pulls no punches. Hands-on-help, teaching tips, and complete agendas for celebration weekends make the journey to manhood fulfilling and fun!Mike is the chief executive of a large retirement community in Michigan. When he’s not busy serving over 1,000 older adults and leading 700 employees each day, he’s a passionate community leader. Mike is a former Division I college basketball player and runs a program teaching basketball to over 300 area kids each weekend. Mike is a church planter, mens’ ministry champion and youth group leader. He is married with two sons and a daughter. Man Quest emerged when Mike was struggling to figure out how to teach his teenage son the true essence of manhood. This book is a love letter to his two sons.


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