The Heart of Humor by Jeanette Levellie

This was such a fun book. It was so funny.there were so many great anecdotes. I hope I read more of this type of book. I received this book from book for a fair and honest opinion.  Welcome to a vacation from stress, worry, and global whining. Learn the secrets of how laughter can help you: *live healthier & longer *deepen your relationships *trust a God with the sense of humor that gives a 90-year-old lady a baby. In her sassy, mocha-out-the-nose style, Jeanette Levellie takes readers on an entertaining journey of 45 short stories with titles like Quit Pinching my Fruit, Confessions of a Jailbird, and Swimsuit Shopping Stress. Nestled among the stories are comical drawings by a professional animator, articles, and lists revealing the superpowers of humor such as Got Pain? Laugh it Away, Everybody Loves Dummies, and Ten Ways to Help Yourself Laugh. “Jeanette Levellie has the spiritual gift of encouragement. She shares it in her conversations, her ministry outreach, and now in this entertaining and enlightening book The Heart of Humor. As you read, you’ll smile and chuckle, but at the same time you’ll gain insights on life, love, and relationships.” –Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, author, The Power of Positive Productivity “Whether she’s writing about her “Maggie Moments,” planting onions on top of onions, or her favorite sport-dining out-Jeanette Levellie’s The Heart of Humor delights and inspires. Do yourself a favor and read it.” –Bob Hostettler, author of Red Letter Life “You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. You’ll be entertained. And, you’ll be encouraged!” –James Watkins, author, speaker, threat to societyAuthor of the bestselling humorous devotional book, Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top, Jeanette Levellie is a spunky redhead whose #1 pet peeve is that her freezer only holds seventeen cartons of ice cream. She lives in Paris, IL with her husband of thirty-nine years (she was five when they married), and four spoiled brats in cat suits. Her favorite sports are eating in restaurants, gardening, and buying anything orange. She has two practically perfect kids and three perfect grandkids.


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