Square Affair by Timothy J. Holt

I want to begin by saying that this book is definitely not a Christian fiction novel which is the type I have been reviewing lately.

This is a very interesting book. It was definitely not what I normally read. I had a hard time putting it down and I learned some things from this book. This takes place in the 1960’s in a small town. You learn a lot about many of the townsman. In some ways you learn a little too much but it is done in a fun way. You have to love the gossips in the town. What is found out during an arrest and trial will be hard to ever forget. I received a copy of this book through smith publicity Inc and netgalley for a fair and honest opinion. 

 Synopsis: In the small Midwestern town of Dewers, amidst the turmoil of the 1960s, the casual conversations of five men lead to public sex in the courthouse restroom. Their arrest for public indecency takes the town on a journey through good and evil that will alter it, as well as the five men and their families. Through it all the town confirms its perseverance of community and ability to survive. 

About the Author: Timmothy J. Holt, M.D. is a retired geriatric physician and lives with his partner and their cat and dog in Chicago, IL. He is the award-winning author of numerous creative works including the new book, Square Affair. He lives with his partner, their cat and dog in Chicago, IL.
ISBN: 978-0692350645
2015 Rainbow Awards Winner
Learn more about Holt at http://www.timmholt.com and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Goodreads.
Square Affair is available at select Barnes and Noble stores, BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com, Target Stores and Hudson Booksellers in airports across the country.

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