Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue by Victoria Thompson

This is a fun book. It was great to get a book that concentrated on the secondary characters rather than the main ones. While Frank Malloy and Sarah Brandt are on their honeymoon, Maeve( the nursemaid) decides to help solve a murder. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story. It is a fun book. I really look forward to the next one with everyone working together.   Fiction

The author of “Murder on Amsterdam Avenue” returns to nineteenth-century New York City to find Christmas in the air, a police detective and a midwife with love in their hearts, and a wealthy newlywed with blood on her hands Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy and Sarah Brandt are not the only ones who have recently tied the knot. Family friend Mrs. O Neill was delighted when her daughter Una wed the seemingly wealthy and charming Randolph Pollock. She didn t wonder why such an affluent man would want to marry a poor Irish girl, no matter how pretty she was. But now Mrs. O Neill has a problem. Pollock s servants have found their employer bludgeoned to death with Una cradling his body. Rendered mute by the horror of her husband s death, Una cannot explain what happened, so the police have charged her with murder and locked her away in the Tombs to await trial. Mrs. O Neill would like Frank to investigate the case and save Una, yet with Frank and Sarah still on their honeymoon, it s up to the other members of their newly formed household to do some detective work. But solving the mystery behind Pollock s death means first discovering the truth about who he really is “

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