Fur Elise by Peggy Sue Wells

I loved this novel about Elise and Michael. They end up being wonderful together. Michael leaves a stressful job and moves to St.Croix to have a less stressful life. Elise lives here where she learned to be musical from her parents and she wants to keep their legacy alive. She and Michael have many adventures on and off the island and have great romance. This is a romantic thriller. I received a copy of this ebook for a fair and honest opinion from bookfun.org.Popular Fiction

“I quit.” Michael Northington tossed his PJ insignia, a metal angel enfolding the world in its wings, across his boss’ desk. At the end of the tumultuous 1980’s, Michael’s idealism snapped when he discovered his assignment had not been to protect a patient but to prevent a friend from receiving life-giving care. He left behind the world that had dealt him one too many betrayals and sought solace on St. Croix. Life settled into a rhythm of working out his anger in long runs along the beach, teaching scuba to tourists, and acquiring a taste for classical music until his battle buddies showed up on his island paradise. Born late in life to doting, upper-class parents, Elise Eisler’s life feels like a song out of tune after her parents die. Prodded by muse, the artist moved her work home from the studio she shared with her father and listed the cottage for rent. Busy keeping her father’s musical legacy alive, the historic atmospheric concert theater in repair, and exploring a natural romance with her childhood sweetheart; Elise has little interest in the mysterious stranger who has taken over the cottage. Coaxed back into the field, Michael travels overseas to rescue the liberal daughter of an even more liberal senator eyebrow deep in an international organ harvesting industry. As Michael follows a barely discernable connection, he discovers the political forces behind his friend’s death. When the deadly players who market human organs blow into St Croix at the same time Hurricane Hugo unleashes its fury on the island, Michael must employ all his skills to protect Elise and those important to her. Settling his painful past, and learning to forgive, provides Michael the freedom to embrace a new chapter in life. And at the center of his promising future is the beautiful and distant Elise. 


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