Petticoat Detective by Margaret Brownley

This was a very good western historical romance. Jennifer and Tom click right away even if they don’t understand it themselves. Jennifer is undercover in a bordello as”Amy”. She is a Pinkerton agent trying to discover who is the Gunnysack bandit. She meets Tom Colton who is trying to find out who killed his brother. This has a lot of laughter throughout the story. This keeps it light and fun. I received an audiobook version of this from book for a fair and honest opinion.  Popular Fiction

Pinkerton detective Jennifer Layne is no stranger to undercover work. But posing as a lady companion named Amy at Miss Lillian s Parlor House and Boots is a first for her. She s finally landed a high-profile case and is on the trail of the notorious Gunnysack Bandit, when one of Miss Lillian s girls essential to her investigation meets an untimely demise. Only a handful of people are in the house at the time of her death, including handsome Tom Colton, a former Texas Ranger determined to clear his brother s name. Amy has many reasons to suspect Tom of murderand one very personal reason to hope that she s wrong about him.”


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