The ruby ring by karen rees

This is a historical novel about Owen Alton and Jane Horne.  They love one another but are star crossed lovers because of the times.  It is 1524 when the catholic church is trying to keep the protestant churches from forming and the scriptures being written so a poor man might be able to read them.  Owen leaves to follow William Tyndale to Germany so he can help to smuggle copys of the scriptures into England.  During this time Jane stays with friends and learns much about her real history and what her mothers ruby ring signafied.
     I liked the characters in this book.  The story really kept my interest.  I had not read too much about this time period and it was interesting to see how people lived and what they thought of religion.  This book moves along very well  and I had a hard time putting it down because I wated to find out who Janes family really was.
  There really wasn’t anything that I did not like about this book.  I think if you like historical fiction you will enjoy this story.
   I received this book through the bookcrash program for an honest opinion.
    You can get this through Karen Rees or Crosslink Publishing.